During the installation of the NOANET stations, we always give special consideration into some guidelines that assure site security, reliable data transmission and monument stability, so as to provide the best possible data to the scientific community. In this context, we consider stability with time, simple monument design and ease of installation. All the continuously operating GNSS stations have been installed at areas that are not affected by slope instability, soil compression, radio frequency interference and obstructions. We choose locations that assure a clear horizon and are clear of reflecting surfaces so as to minimize multipath signals, and at the same time they guarantee continuous electric power and fast and reliable telemetry. At present, in NOANET we have implemented three monument designs. These consist of stainless steel masts, reinforced concrete pillar monuments and shallow drilled braced monuments.

Network Map

Station List

Station Name DOMES Location Installation Date
anik 12666M001 Agios Nikolaos, Messinia, GR 2016 jul 04
anky 18594M001 Antikithira Island, South Aegean, GR 2017 jul 14
atal 12630M001 Atalanti, Fthiotida, GR 2009 mar 27
egio 12658M001 Egio, Achaia, GR 2019 jan 01
idi0 12667M001 Anogia, Rethimno, GR 2014 may 18
kasi 12627M001 Kassiopi, Kerkyra Island, GR 2006 mar 13
katc 12615M002 Katavia, Rodos - Dodecanese, GR 2012 aug 31
kipo 12631M001 Kipouria, Cephalonia Island, GR 2006 mar 13
klok 12632M001 Klokotos, Thessaly, GR 2008 jul 17
koro 12668M001 Koroni, Messinia, GR 2018 apr 20
ktha 18414M001 Kithira Island, South Aegean, GR 2017 jul 14
lemn 12633M001 Lemnos, Lemnos Island, GR 2007 jun 16
mtna 12673M001 Methana, Peloponnese, GR 2019 jul 24
mtsv 12669M001 Metsovo, Epirus, GR 2018 dec 06
nafp 12634M001 Nafpaktos, Etolia-Acarnania, GR 2018 jan 01
neab 12635M001 Neapoli, Lakonia, GR 2012 aug 14
noa1 12620M001 Athens, Attica, GR 2006 mar 13
palh 12675M001 Palaiochora, Chania, GR 2021 aug 29
pont 12626M001 Ponti, Lefkada Island, GR 2007 feb 15
prkv 12636M001 Agia Paraskevi, Lesvos Island, GR 2007 jun 30
ptkg 12664M001 Porto Kagio, Lakonia, GR 2018 jun 27
pvog 12661M001 Paravola, Etoloakarnania, GR 2013 nov 20
pylo 12637M001 Pylos, Messinia, GR 2011 aug 24
rets 12662M001 Kato Retsina, Etoloakarnania, GR 2013 nov 21
rgni 12663M001 Rigani, Etoloakarnania, GR 2014 nov 20
rlso 12629M001 Riolos, Achaia, GR 2006 jul 29
siva 12670M001 Sivas, Iraklio, GR 2014 may 18
skyr 12638M001 Skyros, Skyros Island, GR 2012 nov 28
span 12628M001 Spanochori, Lefkada Island, GR 2007 may 22
strf 18452M001 Strofades Island, GR 2016 oct 01
thir 12640M001 Pyrgos Kallistis, Thira, GR 2012 dec 28
valy Valyra, Pelopones, GR 2011 dec 07
vam0 12671M001 Vamos, Chania, GR 2014 may 18
vlsm 12625M001 Valsamata, Cephalonia Island, GR 2006 feb 15
zkro 12672M001 Zakros, Lasithi, GR 2014 may 18
znte 12674M001 Korakonisi, Zakynthos, GR 2018 nov 23

Note: For a more detailed and sortable station list, see here